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My name is Oksana Syrotyuk. I am the representative of the Sincere HeartFoundation in Ukraine

We would like to ask if you could find an opportunity to support our project RECOVERYCAMP - a place of emotional and psychological rehabilitation of the children of the war in Ukraine. In the appendix, there is our presentation with all information about the  project in details.

We work in the format of a one-day camp. Psychologists, teachers of art and music schools, animators and athletes work here with children and their mothers. The program is professionally developed to provide the participants with psychological help in a playful way. This technique is very successful, because it helps even those people who do not recognize that they have psychological trauma.

During the day, psychologists also diagnose children and identify those who need extra help to continue individual work with them. In addition, we identify the acute financial needs of children and help them.

Participation is free for all children and their mothers!

One day camp accepts 50-60 participants.

These camps take place twice a week now.

We are looking for an opportunity to help as many children as possible:

  • Hold such camps in Lviv more often;

  • Gather more participants;

  • Involve more psychologists into the work;

  • Open such projects in other cities.

You can find more information about the camp in the presentation.

You may also look at the real activity and rehabilitation process during the camp in our social networks.




Now we do need financial help to make possible helping more children.

The cost of 1 child / mother's stay in the camp is 22 $.

We also have a need for the equipment for the camp. We will provide more specific information in further conversation.

We will be sincerely grateful to you for any help.

Kind Regards, Oksana Syrotyuk and RECOVERYCAMP’s team 

Contact +380954151020 ( WhatsApp/Telegram)  Email: oksana.syrotyuk@ucare.me

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